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Too many of us — at the individual and company level — find ourselves paralyzed in thought by the many modern, existential crises bearing down on our collective humanity. Where each generation faced one or two great challenges in their lifetimes, it feels like we’re facing them all at once.

Maybe true, but what’s underreported is that there are many individuals and companies actively finding solutions.

This includes us at EDGE Next and the Smart Building Collective.

In corporate real estate, with 85% of company employees feeling disengaged and 39% of global carbon emissions generated from office building construction and operation, we sit at a unique point of convergence with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to solve two crises at once. 

Because of the many years of experience and expertise our partners bring to the collective, we understand how buildings behave, how they perform both well and poorly. We’ve connected the dots enough to create new technologies that significantly improve building and office space behavior to make them more sustainable for the planet and more livable for the workforce. 

This is why we’ve started The Building Revolution.

We have a lot of work to do. Our studies show that only around 5% of buildings and office spaces around the world can be considered smart.

Smart building is a constantly evolving practice of implementing, using and optimizing infrastructure to learn about and improve function, service, performance and utility of the built environment. According to the Smart Building Collective, a global community of industries working with the smart building space and the company behind the Smart Building Certification, a smart building refers to the application of data to drive autonomous controls or building automation (that brings the intelligence), through integrated design which connects systems and processes to deliver improved health, wellness, human performance, comfort, efficiency, safety and security.

So, to the 95% of relevant stakeholders managing buildings of the past, we’re reaching out to you.

We’re launching an all new online video broadcast series covering all the main challenges and solutions involved in making buildings smarter.

It is our sincere hope that however daunting the problems can seem, you should know that new solutions are actually quite simple and quick to deploy. Within weeks, you can integrate technology into any BMS and building, old or new, and begin leveraging actionable data to transform your building and workspaces.

5% down, 95% to go.
Let The Building Revolution begin.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes and if you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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 The Smart Building Certification is designed to award buildings that have the IT infrastructure in place to measure a building and behavior. But it goes further to include measures for optimization and innovation. The SMART Building Certification also recognizes and encourages Living Labs and the ongoing learning with our partners in top universities. We are here to help you achieve the smartest building possible and can advise you on moving your building or space to the next level.


Our EDGE Next platform offers a seamless solution to optimising any office building’s performance, making it smarter, healthier, and more sustainable. The platform uses multiple sensors and sources to not only gather data, but also to deliver valuable and actionable insights. It’s the ultimate tool to enable buildings, companies and people to thrive.

Episode 1

The Power of the Collective

Commercial real estate is currently at the convergence point of multiple crises. Global warming and environmental degradation has the sector focused on energy usage, sustainability, circularity, and decreasing environmental impact. Meanwhile, COVID 19 has accelerated the changing social norms of how real estate is used, where the general public no longer view corporate offices as essential.

Episode 2

Aligning the Complex Stakeholder Map

Everyone knows how hard it is to change an organization, but change is exactly what corporate real estate and companies must initiate. The pressures on the building and construction industry to reduce carbon emissions and for company executives to reduce operational costs while adapting to the demands of the modern workforce have made this a now-or-never moment.

Episode 3

More Than an Office: Creating Value 24/7

COVID 19 merely accelerated what was already a cosmic shift in societies’ approach to work and, by extension, commercial real estate. Remote working capabilities have revealed that people can still be productive — if not more so — with the power to choose how and where they focus without feeling like they’re being supervised on some kind of office assembly line.

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We’re launching an all new online video broadcast series covering all the main challenges and solutions involved in making buildings smarter. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes by signing up for our newsletter.