Want to Become a Smart Organization?

Nicholas White
December 6, 2022


Data driven decision making has gotten a lot of traction in the last few years. However, can we change a culture and an organization through data? See how a smart building becomes a building block to a smart organization.

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Episodes In Our Broadcast Series
Episode 1
The Power of the Collective

Commercial real estate is currently at the convergence point of multiple crises. Global warming and environmental degradation has the sector focused on energy usage, sustainability, circularity, and decreasing environmental impact. Meanwhile, COVID 19 has accelerated the changing social norms of how real estate is used, where the general public no longer view corporate offices as essential.

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Episode 2
Aligning the Complex Stakeholder Map

Everyone knows how hard it is to change an organization, but change is exactly what corporate real estate and companies must initiate. The pressures on the building and construction industry to reduce carbon emissions and for company executives to reduce operational costs while adapting to the demands of the modern workforce have made this a now-or-never moment.

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Episode 3
More Than an Office: Creating Value 24/7

COVID 19 merely accelerated what was already a cosmic shift in societies’ approach to work and, by extension, commercial real estate. Remote working capabilities have revealed that people can still be productive — if not more so — with the power to choose how and where they focus without feeling like they’re being supervised on some kind of office assembly line.

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